Philosophy & Curriculum

We understand that finding an outstanding school where your child will be nurtured, safe, and happy is paramount to every parent. This is precisely what our school offers! Through our curriculum and facilities we are meeting the needs of parents who seek optimal child-care in a true learning environment. We would welcome the opportunity to become acquainted with your child as he or she is encouraged to learn and grow in our secure facility. 

Our school has enjoyed a rich heritage of serving the children of the Shoals area for over 30 years. Since 1977 Play World has distinguished itself as the quintessential school for children ages six weeks to twelve years. Play World is fully licensed and accredited by the state Department of Human Resources. Several members of our staff have received their college degrees in the field of Education and have a combined total of over one hundred years of experience in the child-care profession. 

We carefully select and retain faculty members who possess the skills, temperament, and qualities to effectively guide each child’s learning and development. Continuous training programs emphasize practices that promote self-directed, spontaneous learning. We take great pride in the professional commitment of our faculty in serving children and parents. 

Our approach to early childhood curriculum is based on age-appropriate practices. We have developed a program, which can be adapted to meet the changing interests, abilities, and needs of the individual children in our school. Using a curriculum centered on a changing theme for each week of the year, we are able to engage the children in meaningful and fun activities throughout the day. 

When you consider the qualifications, years of experience, and atmosphere for learning Play World offers, it all adds up to a quality experience for the boys and girls of the Shoals. We truly hope you will give us serious consideration when choosing an early school for your child. Please feel free to contact us if we can answer any question or assist you with this very important decision.



Play World had its illustrious beginning on Chisholm Road under the leadership of Joe Wallace. The school started in 1977 utilizing the name “Play Care Child Care Center”. When Mark and Debbie Sain became the owners of this center in 1990 immediate plans were made to relocate the school to a new location with modern facilities and an ideal location. In June, 1992 the school opened the doors of its state of the art facilities on Gresham Road. Located on over one and one-half acres of property, it features ample parking spaces, huge playground areas and an in-ground swimming pool; plus the 10,000 square feet of indoor space offers six classrooms, office and kitchen space, and a gymnasium.